Pricelist of wellness:

Type of admission:Price:
Wellness 1-4 persons per 2 hours24,00 €
Wellness 5-6 persons per 2 hours30,00 €
Wellness private per 2 hours30,00 €
Deposit for the key5,00 €
VIP card500,00 €

The admission with the Wellness card means the admission of one or several persons. In case of the admission of several persons for one card, the given number of admissions shall be deducted from the card.

VIP card: Admission with this card enables unlimited visits of the whole facility any time during opening hours. The card cannot be transferred to another person.

DIt is necessary to make a reservation in Wellness per phone at least 1 hour prior to the planned use of the facility.

The price of the Wellness services includes: Finnish dry sauna, whirlpool, cooling pool, relax room, and showers.

NOTE: Dear clients, due to sanitary and safety reasons, it is necessary to bring slippers with antiskid soles. Thank you for your understanding.